Secured Homes Make Better Living

Owning a house means keeping it secured just like how I like my connections to be. Safe and secured. Although, hackers like to do whatever they want otherwise. I like to be notified of who is knocking on my door or pressing the doorbell. Thus, I’ve installed a large viewfinder just to take photos of those who press my doorbell. I’m certainly upgrading the current to one that has better contrast and takes better photos rather than just the dark shadows of the intruder stranger whoever it is pressing my doorbell.

Isn’t it wonderful to know who has entered the house if you leave the doors unlocked for a party? This GE Security 60-511-01-95 Ds924I Crystal PIR Wireless Motion Sensor is just the right item to be placed at the door step. Although I do wonder it is an overkill when it comes to parties whereby there are people walking in and out of the front door. Perhaps, a better placement might be at the back door.

This sensor: Optex DX-40 Standard PIR Sensor, 40 Foot Range has a 40 foot range. Mighty impressive, I say.

So, almost everyone has curtains installed at home. This SECO-LARM Enforcer E-9644-6B25 Curtain IR Motion Sensor, 6 Beams – Black will sense movements, obviously.

So, some high tech guy might use mirrors, this Visonic TOWER-20AM-MCW Outdoor Wireless Octa-QUAD Mirror Detector will help detect if mirrors are used to deflect your security.

What is home security if it doesn’t have Teklink Securityman Air-Alarm Wireless Home Alarm Security System that monitors the house?

How do you secure your house?

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