Improve Your Odds at Getting that Interview

So, did I mention that I am now using CareerHero to check if my resume has the meat to stack up against the jobs that I’m interested in? Perhaps not. So far, my resume has been rather disappointing in terms of applying for jobs of different functions. So, I ask myself, is it time to do a job restructure or should I just continue this path of industry whereby the status is also rather volatile? At least, I have a better chance of being interviewed and the better chance of being hired.

I should really do those side hustles, side gigs, moonlight (which I detest the term since companies are not going to care whether I starve or not when the economy goes down), odd jobs, etc. It really is a good idea to do something with the spare time when the current job is only using part of your skills set and you have an interest in something else that can bring in some extra income.

The saying goes “Never put all your eggs in one basket.” This is so right. When I depended on 1 source of income, it was alright when things were smooth. However, things got tough and I lost that source. Without another source of income, I was desperate and each desperate time brought about another round of a job that wasn’t quite what I had in mind.

What I advocate is another source of income and multiple if you can. It’s even better if you can make one the sources become a passive income where you don’t have to check on it constantly anymore. That being said, I am using CareerHero because it is a known fact that companies don’t have time to read each and every thousandsof resumes. They just dump everything into an ATS and either you get chosen or you get tossed aside. I mean your resume gets tossed away.

So, improve your odds with CareerHero or JobScan.

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