Recording Calls is Now Easier

As I’m back to using Skype for work purposes, I wanted a way to record the calls. And I ended up with this Cube Call Recorder ACR. I wanted it to automatically record the calls and since I hate to do it manually. It’s so easy to forget. Not all phones come with recording features. Oppo R7 Plus does come with it but only for calls made via the phone itself and I have to set it manually.

So, I did a bit of sleuthing and ended up using Cube Call Recorder to test out on Skype. At first, the recording didn’t work automatically. So, I made a few tweaks to the Ignore VoIP-support Check by ensuring that it is checked/ticked/selected. Then I set the Phone recording audio source to voice call (software) since I’ve installed Skype in my mobile phone. It used to be that I said handphone. Anyway, I tested on myself. Called the work phone number with my personal phone number and it worked on the voice call.

I tested with Skype to Skype since I have 2 accounts. The 2nd account was setup rather by accident as the 1st account did not allow me to login until I reset the password. Using Skype to call to a landline requires the purchase of credits that I don’t have, so, I made do with the 2 Skype accounts and it worked perfectly. However, I have no idea if it will work when someone calls me. So, I now have to wait for the opportune time and see hear the recording.


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