How to Prevent Base 64 Code Hacks

Having been using a host for my blogs, I have been seeing PHP hacks from Eval64 to Gzinflate codes in my sites. It is injected daily and I would routinely remove those codes but I would never know if I had fully removed those malicious codes. Until I kept checking out Thonky for putting the code that stops those injections. Thank you!

In my paranoid mode, I would still check my PHP files via FTP just in case. In order to edit the PHP.ini file, you need to check your host’s FAQ for the permissions and how to edit. Initially, I was hesitant in doing it since it was a little involved. However, I had to do it in the end because one of my blogs got hacked with a blank page. Again. Apparently, it’s fun for the hackers; not so fun for me. The tedious work of elimination began after I updated my PHP.ini file.

Afterwards, I would clean up the codes when the error code displayed the problem. However, I had to update the WordPress version (thankfully, the latest version was just days away) when my blog still displayed errors. After the update, my blog was up and running again. I really dread the troubleshooting part because I have no idea what the problem is. My strength isn’t in PHP coding. I guess that’s the hacker(s)’ joy when I keep running into such problems.

If whatever you have done doesn’t work, get your host to help.

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