Dayre Quick Review

Having been used to blogging on WordPress and Tumblr for quite some years, it took me a while to try out Dayre. It’s a mash of Tumblr, WordPress and Instagram (all photos are square). I’ve only used it for less than a week and while the cute stickers attracted me, the interest to use it long term is waning.

Personally, I like how the hash tags for WordPress and Tumblr are in a separate field. Dayre requires the user to type the hash tags in the same area as the post. This is where I dislike it since it limits the user to type a maximum number of 500 characters. By integrating the tags in my post would look very immature, IMO.

I have yet to post videos since I prefer to share videos via Facebook. I like to use stickers at the moment and I may delete the Dayre account in future if I feel that it isn’t adding value to me. The general complaint is that the Dayre account is public and there isn’t any privacy level to it. So, I would be very careful about posting intimate information there.

With the technology ever changing, I wonder what other kind of short blogging platforms will be launched in the coming years and last for more than 5 years.

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