MySQL Connections Maxed Out

It was scary when I discovered that I couldn’t log in to myPHPAdmin just now. The mySQL server was hit by my connections being maxed out. After a few tries I managed to get in only to see that I couldn’t create new databases. I’m not sure if that’s supposed to be that way.

Now that I have managed to login, I’m still puzzled by the max number of connections error. Is it because someone tried to hack the SQL server? How can this happen when I don’t have a high traffic at this site?

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4 Responses

  1. uzyn says:

    There can be a couple of reasons:

    1. Too many visitors at a point in time.
    2. Bad WP plugin that hogs MySQL for a long time doing unoptimized table operations.
    3. Other reasons causing MySQL connection (with web server) not to terminate.

    If you don’t have a surge in traffic, most likely it is due to reason 2.

    BTW, this blog is hosted on a dedicated server? If it’s shared hosting then it could simply just due to other accounts on your server.

  2. paikia says:

    1. what is your hosting server default max connections. Some hosting servers give quite low connections and can easily hit the limit.

    2. maybe some poor wordpress plugins/scripts lead to infinite loop and used up all your connection? Can find out through myPHPAdmin process or SSH shell access if your myPHPadmin still cant access.

    • WishBoNe says:

      I understand point 1. As for point 2, I’m going to check it out. As long as this blog can be accessed, I’m quite fine with it. Thanks! 🙂