Old WordPress Versions Under Attack

WordPress has fast become a popular blogging platform since it was launched. I have been rather impressed with its simple dashboard and ease of navigation. Hence, it is fast becoming a hot ground for hacking too. Hence, its constant versioning has kept the developers busy. This reminds me of Windows being a hot ground for hacking too.

This time round, old WordPress versions are being attacked with strange categories being created. Usually, the default Admin ID is being abused and it is always a good idea to remove the default ID and use another ID as an administrator. The ID shouldn’t be the same as the screen name since the attacking time will be shortened. Telling the world that your user name and screen name are one and the same is inviting thieves into your house to just take all your valuables away.

For those with old versions of WordPress, upgrade fast. You never know when it’s your turn to be hacked and you won’t want to waste a day trying to get your blog back up again. As more people upgrade, the attackers will soon target your blog just because you are an easy target.

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