I Want This HP Designer Laptop Because

I never had the opportunity to own one and I want. *little girl’s voice who demanded in this commercial.*

Frankly speaking, I am attracted to the red hot number and floral designs on the cover. I like to think of it when I take it out and people just swivel their heads hard enough to just nearly dislocate their heads from their necks just to view my sexy laptop. Oh dear, I’m getting carried away with the head part.

I have been approached by strangers asking me about PDA mobile after seeing me use with such ease. Therefore, if I were to be approached by anyone asking about this HP Vivienne Tam Laptop when I whip it out with ease, I am happy to oblige any information.

Ok, I’m telling the truth, I just want this because it’s an ice breaker when I’m utterly bored on the train. Hey, I can finally blog on the move when I have it too!

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