Collapse All Categories But Must Highlight Selected View’s Name

After resolving my site problem, I decided that all my sites will be re-installed. Major re-do. I wonder if I will actually get down to it. I have a problem. The user wants all the categories in the view to be collapsed. Not a problem.

The user also wants the selected view name to be highlighted if the view is being viewed. Not a problem either. The problem is combining both. I used a text with the following:


I cannot use the same in an Outline. The Outline is able to highlight the selected view name but is unable to comprehend Formula and I don’t want to do such a complex code for a simple menu. It’s silly.

The headaches of using Lotus Notes. It’s a bane when I’m faced with conflicting interests. If anyone has an idea or alternative, do leave your comments so that I can try it out.

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2 Responses

  1. FoxTwo says:

    The trouble is when u collapse the view, the triangle thingy is not recognised as a “valid” line. That’s why you can’t “highlight” that line. It’s a “category”, ie a virtual header. In other words, this line does NOT exist in the LN Database. It’s generated on the fly and it’s virtual.

    If you expand the view, you can see the lines under it actually highlights. Those lines exist in the DB, so you can highlight them.

    The only workaround I can think of, is to do everything as web pages, then maybe you can use HTML coding of those “onmouseover” stuff. Just an idea. I never tried it out myself before though.

  2. WishBoNe says:

    This is an internal database and they don’t do web designs. Which is unfortunate and fortunate at the same time because this database has been causing me nothing but trouble like delays.

    Anyway, I finally told the user, if the highlight is more important, then keep the current outline. Else, they have to make do with another way that don’t highlight.