Things to Consider for Comex Show

The Comex Show is coming again. This time, I have a list yet again. Well, not a long list, besides, I’ve never bought anything much from such shows despite all the freebies.

With the Odex issue, I’m pretty sure subscribers may want to change their ISPs during the show. The issue is being discussed why PacNet did not have to release the names of the subscribers based on the IPs while Singnet and Starhub had to. With the high and mighty attitude by a certain Mr Stephen Sing and MIA Mr Peter Go, some dirt was dug up from their Games Mart Pte Ltd.

My list of stuff to buy or consider.

  • A mouse (as long as there is a scroller)
  • A laptop (upgrade from my current beloved lappy)
  • A PSP Slim (nah, not really)
  • A DS Lite (perhaps)
  • Change my ISP (I still have a year to go)

Where should I place my money on?

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3 Responses

  1. Place the money inside my pocket!

    Depends on what promotion are going over there. I would want to change my isp as well if not for the contract that I had sign last year.

  2. WishBoNe says:

    Place in your pocket? No way! I’d get something I can use.

  1. September 2, 2007

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