Worthy Links for 25 Jul 2007

With all the hype on FaceBook, I’ve yet to register myself on it. It doesn’t seem to attract me. Not even MySpace too. Not sure why but perhaps could be due to the hype and I tend to draw away from such hypes. Just like the big hoo haa on Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows.

I’m pretty impressed that FaceBook has quite a number of applications going on like FBFactory.

I think the resistance to join MySpace could be also be due to the sex offenders on the rise. Scary. The net has provided such a useful platform for them to prowl and hunt their victims.

Now, let’s move on to something less scary, shall we? Microsoft is planning to launch a system that will rival Google Analytics, called, what else? Microsoft Analytics or so I heard. I must say, the screenshot of the graph is cool.

While most of us use social network sites, Respectance is a site that remembers the dearly departed. A moment of silence please.

With my intention still on moving to my own domain, this set of plugins for WordPress comments will come in handy. I wonder when I will actually move. Harping about it doesn’t help, does it? :mrgreen:

I have never used Sametime until I started this current job. The demo explains quite a number of things that goes with Lotus Notes.

And now, the announcement of PSP Slim caught my interest. I wonder if it functions the same as PSP except it’s lighter.

I’m starting to wonder if I should get a Walkman, Sony NWD-B100 Walkman. Oh, I can’t buy it even if I like to, it’s sold in Europe only. Rats.

I admit it, I’m lazy to post anything in a story because I have been spending time going through my RSS feeds. However, I do hope you’ll enjoy reading them as I had.

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