What Do You Want?

Things would be so much easier if the requirements written were correctly and consistently. My programme would not contain so many redundant fields now. I have to change the labels and keep the names because Lotus Notes does not delete those in memory and I don’t intend to see the template grow too much in size.

I had this requirement written by the user, that’s fine, I don’t have to lift a finger but I had a hard time figuring out the requirements because different words were used all over for the same label and I thought there were 5 fields when in fact, only 3 were needed. A total waste of my efforts. I knew that there wasn’t any need to design the system so nice because I would need to change it and tried to reduce a lot of things. Quite a success since I only need to change label names.

It further leads me to having a brain breakdown now because I am disillusioned yet again.

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2 Responses

  1. simonquest says:

    He he he… you should know that users are “stupid”…
    I think that the most difficult part of this kind of job is to understand exactly what the user want by reading between the lines…
    I have been in this situation so many times… but then I learned a lesson: never begin working before being sure about user needs!!!
    Of course there will be other changes in you work but at least they will be not so much…

  2. WishBoNe says:

    After working on such tasks for some time, I just had this feeling that the system was not quite there but it didn’t need more than it should so I left a few things out. A very idea since I had some slight changes rather than major ones.