Career Path Review – Yet Again

I had a discussion with a friend of mine this afternoon. We have just completed that final exam for the step towards our degree and I was telling her that I want to get out of programming because I feel that I am no longer able to chase after the latest technology. I do wonder if it’s due to my leaving of a challenging company a few months back. It is not the first time since I left that company and reviewed my career path. I have been thinking if I should get out of IT and do something else.

Another friend told me that life’s short, we have to do whatever we feel is the right time to execute. I’ve been doing Lotus Notes development for 4 years and I think I’m not cut out for it. Maybe the lack of challenges in the current company? I am still able to earn my keep and there is not much pressure on the system being forced to work “bug-free” during UAT.

I don’t have any users calling me. Yet. Or I need a new learning curve because I keep ending up doing client based Notes applications instead of web based Notes applications that I prefer. I like that because it’s easier to control user actions. They won’t use the keyboard “Esc” key to close a document that they don’t want to save. I don’t have so many fields to place the Formula individually.

Maybe I’m asking for too much. Who would want to develop web based applications when it takes longer to complete than a client based? Me, I guess. I like playing around with CSS and JavaScript.

Maybe I am really just not cut out for IT.

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3 Responses

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