List of free games that I play regularly online. Most are either strategy, puzzle, arcade, word or random genre that captures my heart at the moment.

Garden Inventor
It gets trickier to stop those creepy crawlies from entering your garden. Game is also saved for each completed level.

Point and click by Frank Curry
The graphics are a little raw but have improved over time.

Mystery Case Files – Huntsville
Click on find the items listed. The purchase version has full screen mode which makes the items easier to find.

Rainbow Web
Puzzle based

Babel Online
Different types of word games available.

Escape from Rooms
Ah, the famous Crimson Room, Viridian Room and White Room. Hints are here but spoils the effect of you solving it on your own.

Dive deep, eat and evolve. Avoid being touched by the larger creatures such as stingrays. Mouse and left clicks.

The little white rabbit is cute! It’s pretty easy to play and addictive too!

Word Shoot
Type the words correctly and shoot the enemy approach. 3 different levels of difficulty with international posting scores.

Dr. Stanley’s House
Creepy music but it’s fun to play too.

Other free onlines worth checking out here.