About My Nick

I took some time to choose my nickname. All the common ones such as “blueocean”, “cutiepie”, “IRock”, “IRule” are all taken up. I finally settled upon WishBoNe because I love the Jack Russell featured in Wishbone series. 😀 He’s cute and clever and definitely won’t exists in the real world (the thinking kind, I mean). You can refute this.

I love the ocean and had wanted to choose that but it’s so common and thus, I’d have to add something to it to make it unique and no one else would select it. It works but I don’t think the nick would be good because no one remembers it easily. Hence, WishBoNe just works fine. I did some googling on “wishbone” and it seems that there is a bus called Wishbone Bus. 😯

Thus, it seems like the nickname is suitable for this blog because it’s related to IT too 😀