1st Encounter

My first encounter with IT came from my attempt to getting a diploma. Ironically, it wasn’t related to IT directly. Or rather, it wasn’t related to computing directly. I was studying electronics. My 1st attempt at mass mailing resulted in my mailbox being suspended for a year unless I paid to resume using it. Silly enough, I paid up. Lesson learnt, never use school email for mass mailing and never believe everything the mail says to send to how many people or you will die from some horrible fate.

My first encouter with supporting IT came when I graduated. I thought I preferred IT to electronics. I couldn’t grasp the concept of Java programming and I still wanted to go into this field. Crazy, right? I did managed to stay in this field which is now a love-hate relationship.

I have never touched any Java programming since I started working although I did a little for my degree, it was rather minimal because I had managed to understand how to use Java Programming better. However, my work does not include Java in anyway. Thus, it’s now rusty again.

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