Online Public Profiles Are Subjected to Scrutiny

Recently, I read up on this article related to employers are now reading up on your online profiles. This is nothing new since Facebook exploded the internet years back. Anyone with a FB profile can post their opinions and photos and forget that it’s out there in the wild. Screenshots are now so easy to take that we may be adding friends who are just too willing to share something that you mentioned online for their viewing purposes only. Privacy settings be damned.

And so, there have been quite a number of blown up cases whereby people have been fired for voicing their biased opinions online. Let’s just start with Singapore. That huge fiasco with the begging Vietnamese man for his mobile phone purchase to be refunded. It created a huge backlash for the store owner who had demanded warranty fees. The Singapore netizens took up arms and became the CSI team to expose his intimate details online.

Then, there was this guy who decided that Singapore is a s*** country for the lack of Pokemon Go. At that time, Pokemon Go was being rolled out in phases. That guy was immediately fired. While his opinions were his own, he declared publicly and promptly got CSI-ed by netizens. Forbes discussed this in 2013 where they asked hiring managers the basis for hiring based on online profiles.

While this is not to scare anyone off, it is important to note that these days, hiring managers are looking at online profiles to check out what kind of person you are when not at work. More proof that people have been fired for posts on social media. While employees are on social media, most of the time, they are harmless but companies do have the right to protect themselves. As time goes on, employers are going to screen candidates more online than ever.

Key point is to THINK.

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