Learning Data Science

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With the trend that companies are hiring Data Scientists, Data Analysts, it’s high time to look into it. Maybe I am late to the game but then again, learning about such things never hurt except your pockets. It might be a good idea in learning how Data Science can be applied in real life.

What better way than to learn it via Coursera when you prefer to learn it online?

Course Name: Data Science in Real Life

If you are familiar with Python and want to use it, there’s a course for that too.

Course Name: Applied Data Science with Python

For those with Math skills, you can use it too. I mean, Data Science does need some Math skills to compute, right?

Course Name: Data Science Math Skills

As mentioned before, I have neglected to keep up my skills or take up new skills. Now is the time. Better late than never. Technology and life is changing all the time. We never know what might be the next working trend although, some people skills are always valuable.

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