Using SkillsFuture Credits

Having received the SkillsFuture credits for a number of years, I have finally decided to jump into the learning pool to update myself. It has been too long since I’ve attended any lessons and frankly speaking, I have neglected myself. The IT industry is everchanging and stopping the learning curve is too dangerous for anyone who is in the IT line. So, I took up 2 courses using the newcomer rates, SGD15, I guess when converted to USD, it’s about USD10.

These two courses are at Udemy. I want to challenge myself too much after years of neglecting myself. The first course is An Entire MBA in One Course. A really popular course by Chris Haroun. Since SkillsFuture allows me to claim, I used the SGD15 version. I mean, when does it get this good for the original price of SGD210? Note that SkillsFuture credits is limited to SGD500 and I have to be scrupulous in using the most number of courses and maximise the cost.

The course title is of course a little misleading if you start on it. Chris Haroun is a VC. He teaches entrepreneurial skills. Yet, I won’t say that it is the wrong way to present this. I just wonder if I update my resume to contain this new certificate, what will happen? An MBA does sound impressive but to employers, it means a pay range that is comparable to an MBA. Let’s cross that bridge once I complete this course.

Which reminds me, I decided to check out Android app development in Udemy too. It’s paid. And if I were to go into this path in the near future, I sure hope my resume gets a second look. It is high time to invest in myself rather than waiting for the employers to invest in my learning. The truth is, no employer will actively put you into courses unless you request it. Sometimes, you might need to use the Annual Leave to attend the courses that the company doesn’t endorse. I’ve used my AL before to study MS certification.

The Android App Development course is also claimable by SkillsFuture. There is a deadline for those SkillsFuture claimable courses, so, I had to ensure it before applying for any courses. Now, to complete the Udemy courses and try out those claimable courses by Coursera that I’ve an account with for quite some time without getting certified.

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