Why Is There a Need for LED Traffic Lights on Ground

I have been using mobile phones for years. I am obsessed with checking the stuff with my phone but my safety still comes first. Sure, there are times I have my head bend down and ignoring my surroundings but that is when I’m waiting for something. It’s just too easy to get sucked into the mobile phone with the available internet and using free Wifi whenever possible. What I fail to understand is that when one is crossing the road, the basic thing is to look up and ensure that all vehicles have stopped even when the green man is on.

The fact that Singapore is on trial for the LED traffic lights in sync with the green and red man makes me stupefied. Seriously, why? Why are we not checking that the vehicles have stopped before crossing? I have had my close brush with death when at the traffic light. Yes, you read that right, traffic light when the green man was in my favour. A private bus ignored the red light and just ran past the red light. We were about to reach the other side just by 2 more lanes. There were four lanes, this happened in Orchard Road.

That meant that the red light had been on for more than a minute and yet, yet, the bus driver simply ran the red light. What if there were someone in that particular lane? A huge lawsuit would result in the bus company having to compensate. Sure, mobile phones connect us but we should not be disconnected with the real world. I have no idea why the government allowed this installation.

Was this permitted to promote safety or to just allow us to forget our surroundings and assume that the drivers would stop at the red light?

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