The Many Platforms for Job Search

These days, it’s so easy to find thousands of platforms to search for jobs. These sites also include mobile apps to allow us to apply for jobs on the go with the increasing number of people accessing the internet on mobile devices.

The job search sites are not limited to these that I know of.

I have been searching for jobs over the years at different stages and those sites keep updating their methods of keeping track of how many jobs I have applied (a plus) and storing the info of job achievements and all. They have improved and it’s all good. The only tricky part is to stand out from the sea of job applicants and land that dream job if possible.

I don’t have an exhaustive list since there will always be new job sites. I do hope that there will be more flexiwork options for mothers who want to supplement the income in the coming years. These mothers are multitaskers and great at utilising the pockets of time. These are mothers who are not just limited to telemarketing and admin jobs that most companies are offering right now. They are certainly capable of using the current technology to get things done.

Here’s to a more inclusive culture of hiring since not everyone will have the entrepreneurial spirit and determination to have their own businesses.

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  1. April 17, 2017

    […] list is by no means exhaustive and you might be able to find more in those job sites too. Good luck in your search for internships of your […]