The Pros and Cons of Apps

Using apps on mobile has been part of my life ever since I started using them years back. The pros of using apps has definitely made life easier and scrolling on the mobile way easily too.


Type in login credentials once

Most apps let me login once and the session is remembered as long as the mobile is still working and I don’t log out. Facebook app does a session timeout in, I have no idea how long, say every 15 days. With hackers these days, the login has to be done twice. The 2 factor authentication is now gaining some popularity with some apps.

Ease of scrolling

Mobile scrolling and readability is so much better with apps. I don’t have to scroll up down left right. The text size is also large enough.


Way too many apps

Sometimes, I have created too much accounts because of trends. I have to create a list of accounts with URLs and user names because one user name does not mean that I can keep using it for the millions of sites with memberships. It would be nice to use just one user name but sometimes, I get to know of some interesting websites too late and that user name is taken up.

Type in login credentials once

Now, typing in the login once in the app is nice. However, there are times when I access through the web browser and I forget what the password is and sometimes, the user name. Either I use Last Pass or I check my list of ID and password. I might just start to use Last Pass soon. However, I want to keep practicing typing in the passwords so that I keep my mind from deteriorating into the dark abyss of Alzheimer.

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