Learning to Use IFTTT

Recently, I decided to sync my Facebook Pages with Twitter and find it a hassle to do it manually. Even if the formatting is neatly done. I wanted to do it once and let some automation run the job. The easiest way is to use IFTTT. Seriously, it is so simple to use. I got a little too enthusiastic and did a loop.

That loop created too many links that led to the same page. I wanted the Facebook Page to update when the link post that I shared is new and different. I also wanted Twitter to post to the Page when I retweet something. Unfortunately, this IFTTT is a real simple tool and it immediately created many links in Facebook Page and Twitter. I had to remove one of the applets. I like IFTTT is because it’s free to use and I can create simple tasks. Except, it doesn’t link to Carousell.

I also wanted the WordPress blog post to be automatically posed to the Facebook Page and Twitter. It was also easy to setup. There are other tools to do synchronisation but I wanted to use the free tool since it is already performing what I wanted it to do in the first place.

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