Universal Stylus Search

Here I am searching for stylus pens to use on my iPad and Android touchscreens. So far, Adonit is a good brand that does work on both OS. Unfortunately, this model is out of my budget. The Pixel model is able to let the touchscreen know the difference between the tip of the stylus and palm placed on the screen. This is how we write on paper anyway and if you use electronic drawing, Pixel is the one to use.

Thus, I found a few alternatives on AliExpress and I am browsing through which are the stylus pens that works on both OS. This Yunai stylus looks and claims to be able to work on both OS. It also seems that such pens require charging too. There is no information on whether it can differentiate between the palm resting on the touchscreen when using it. The pricing is really competitive.

The stylus with a disc is rather attractive pricing. This is one stylus I can buy to try out. If it doesn’t work, at least I can use the other end as a normal pen on paper.

Finally, this stylus that can be used on both OS except iPad Air/Pro. I might actually buy this as I don’t have iPad Air/Pro. I might cave in and buy one.

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