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When someone on Kickstarter introduced Studio Box to me the first time, I was truly keen on getting it. That was Foldio. Then, a year later, Foldio 2. Note that there are different sizes. Obviously, there are copies in Kickstarter (think Shotbox) and the largest online market, AliExpress. Qoo10 does have sellers selling but at a higher cost; which I’m assuming is from AliExpress too. However, I had to do a price comparison. Despite the currency difference for AliExpress and Qoo10. I mean, I am spending my money, I have to get the one that cost less for the same quality (I hope).

Selling stuff online has been gathering some momentum and there is relatively no overhead costs for store rentals. Perhaps some money must be spent on storage if you are selling physical products and not your services. So, I got down to doing some calculations with AliExpress and Qoo10.

So, 1 quick comparison with the same studio box in terms of size.

The above is screenshot from AliExpress. It’s estimated to be SG$77.19 with free shipping. Frankly speaking, I think the shipping is already included in the price.

The above is screenshot from Qoo10 and during a Group Buy price. Hence, including the shipping, it adds up to SG$27.40. Relatively cheaper at this point before the price changes.

I’m looking at photo studio because there are times when I want to take photos of stuff, I just don’t want anything else in the background. What I am comparing here is that both studio boxes don’t come with built in LED lights and I would have to find ways to light up the boxes. Right now, I am thinking if 50cm is too big or I should just go for the 20 x 23 x 26 cm version.

What I am doing is to spend the money a little wiser. There are times when it is better to get it from AliExpress (provided the items are not urgently required) and there are times it is better to get from Qoo10 because AliExpress may not have those stuff.

I wonder if I will ever buy a studio box since I have been contemplating since 2013. 3 years of contemplation is telling me to just save the money. It is a good idea to check out the prices though.

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