First Time Using Huawei

First off, Huawei P9 Plus was one of my first choice until that fateful day where I saw the Starhub Plans for HomeHub Go. Yea, there is still this nagging feeling of the huge fiasco. However, I decided that since I was already paying nearly the same amount for the mixture of TV, mobile and fibre broadband plans, HomeHub Go was the way as I feel that it is always good to have 12GB of mobile data, never mind that it is just for Singapore usage. The undependable Wireless @ SGx is driving me crazy when I fail to connect 6 out of 10 times. Even when connected, I cannot load anything at all.

Thus, when I played with the Huawei Mate 9 demo set, I knew I had to have it. Might as well re-contract with the HomeHub Go plans in hopes of getting it cheaper. Still had to top up with $300+. The rest is up to the family to see if they want to tag along since the plan allows up to 5 numbers in the same address to have 15GB of mobile data each. Good to have this plan when you have enough family members in the same address.

When the nice gentleman brought out my new toy, I saw that I had also earned some free stuff like Honor A1 (or what the label stated, Huawei Color Band), handphone case (smart case, wake upon opening – this is a feature that I love), screen protector (already pasted) and the usual earpiece with charger.

I didn’t test out all the items. Just the important item, the phone itself. 64GB of internal storage is a nice upgrade from my 32GB of internal storage from Oppo R7 Plus. Not that I am throwing away R7 Plus soon. I decided that R7 Plus is just nice to have for my prepaid number that I am using for work and with the other SIM slot for the 1GB mobile broadband that comes from HomeHub Go. Unfortunately, I cannot force SIM 2 slot to use 3G only and it allows me to use only 2G which Singapore is going to disable in just a few more months. Let’s hope the new models in future allow for SIM 2 to have 3G support and the SIM 1 to use 4G or even better, more flexible. Searched the internet for help and the solution doesn’t work for me. Sad.

Since I had never used Huawei before, I was surprised by the personalisation for the navigation buttons. I could change the “Back” button to my favourite or rather used-to-it position, on my right. Neat. The themes that come with Huawei is less than the themes from Oppo. So, don’t expect the themes to be updated constantly either. Oppo themes don’t update that often. I would download from the internet and just put them as my wallpaper. A lot easier and less frustration.

Obviously, I like Samsung style of the keyboard and only Fleksy can do it, that is one of my first app to be installed. I have yet to fully test out the rear cameras but I like the output of my personal collection so far. 20MP + 12 MP is a good combo or overkill depending on how you look at it if you are not an avid photographer.

The fingerprint setup took a bit of reading for my case. I’m not sure how sensitive or good it is but I like how I can use it to control Google Pay. There are still a few things to explore and I wonder if I will ever explore finish. My normal routine is to explore the first time, set them up the way I like and forget where and how I ever did it in the first place after a few months.

If you are considering a new phone, try out Mate 9 and see if you like it. BTW, I have no affiliates with this phone. I just happen to like it enough to buy.

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