Starhub Fibre Broadband Failure in 2 Days

So, my Starhub fibre broadband failed in 2 days and the ISP says they are unable to do any form of compensation to the ire of many customers who suffered the same outage. I will accept it if it happened once. However, it gets on the nerves when it happens in just 2 days.

The alternative that they can probably do is to compensate by giving us an offset on the next month’s bill out of goodwill. It would certainly make it less irksome for most users even if the offset may not be much to each individual. It is certainly a blow to the company. Another method could be to give us free fibre broadband service for a day instead of the cable TV channels. The TV channels do not allow us to watch at the time when we are free anyway. The old school method of watching TV at the stipulated time is getting on my nerves, actually. A pity that Netflix is losing money despite changing its marketing strategy. Netflix is really charging quite a sum, IMO.

There are ways to compensate users for lost connectivity. IDA fining the ISPs is not helping since the charges increase the next year for the ISP to earn back the fines. Thanks IDA, for nothing. I like how Starhub is creating new plans for mobile data and was considering renewing to another contract but with the recent events happening, I am stopping the renewal process for now.

Fortunately, for DNS server issues, we can use public DNS servers for free. Thanks! The pressure of supporting users by all ISP is that they have to prepare against DoS attacks, the common enemy that will make any DNS servers go down for quite sometime until the support team rectify the attacks.

What I am guessing is that there is a DoS attack against Starhub DNS servers and it is a bot doing the work at 10pm nightly. However, until the root cause is found, Starhub will continue to have DNS server problem if the engineers are at their wits ends.

Just in case, the list of public and free DNS servers can be found here as of Oct 2016.

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