Unrealistic Expectations of ICT Support in Schools

This is from my point of view from some schools that expect the ICT personnel.

Able to update web pages. When schools subscribe to a service that uses WYSIWYG editor, no decent webpage designer would want to use it much because of the limitations. You can’t even afford their current salary in the first place.

Able to troubleshoot file formats. Seriously, whoever sent you that .dat file is in the wrong mind to expect your ICT personnel with limited software that is available in the school to find a software to open that strange format.

Able to produce fantastic videos. Frankly speaking, when the approver refuses to buy a decent video editing software, what can you expect from iMovie and Movie Maker?

Able to take great photos. The cameras have not been serviced like for eons. What can you expect from cloudy lens and sepia viewfinder? The teacher thinks that the students can learn practicing and refuses to let the ICT personnel to take; what did you really expect when they really don’t like to take photos or too shy to up close for better composites?

Able to resolve home wifi problems. Free advice; sure. Seriously, please call the effing helpdesk that you have spent money on subscribing the broadband to. Please.

Able to be free at all times during working hours. I never knew that students have such lousy memories when it comes to their passwords. You mean “Welcome123” is so hard to remember when they don’t even need to change the password or after they changed the password? After changing the password, they can immediately forget? Why not set it to a password where they use for their emails? Don’t tell me they don’t have emails and forget that password too. How about we start charging for each reset of the passwords? Would it help their memories better?

Able to foresee when the the power adaptor will spoil. I might as well go be a full time lottery predictor, right?

Able to programme. In the first place, you cannot afford the salary of a professional coder. Nobody wants a pay cut in this downturn anyway.

These are just some of the expectations I have seen so far and I just feel indignant. It doesn’t represent anyone else except my opinions.



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