Now Then You Tell Me What Outcome You Want

Having done numerous user requests before, this current place likes to tell me things half way. I have not idea why. So usually, I am reminded of this image.

Seriously, the different jargons used by non-IT savvy people and IT savvy people is jarring. The most recent request was that the userwanted to know how to create a dropdown list in Excel. So, I did it. However, what the user really wanted was to have a filtered table since the data is consolidated. The user said dropdown list because of the visual image in Excel. You click on a dropdown list like arrow in the header and select the items you want to see.

That is why meetings and clarifications and tons of visuals are important when communicating what the user really wanted. There are times where the user just don’t know any other terms to describe what they want and it is up to the person who is trying to understand the end result to try to interpret and complete the task.

Back to my frustration of extra work, I had completed the survey months back and rolled the survey out for the students to complete. What the staff didn’t communicated clearly was that they wanted to view by subject, teacher, student and class. The previous guy did it for them and I suspected it was done with a slightly different template. I was not given a proper handover from him because they didn’t want to keep him till I was able to come in.

And I am expected to ask that guy half a year later. I would be put off since in the first place, you didn’t want a handover and now you still ask about my previous scope half a year later? I refused to call the guy even though he didn’t mind. Respect that guy since he is already working at another place.

So, I try to get full user requirements before the next round of the same survey for next year.

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