Fun to Search for New Mobile Phones

The search is on again. Since my last buy of the Oppo phone, I was itching to replace my Samsung Note 3, the battery is running out low very fast and it is bloated. Sure, I can buy new batteries but it is still more fun to buy new phones. Will miss using the S Pen though. Even if I didn’t use it a lot. What a waste. Thus, I was eyeing Mi Max but the specs don’t make me go “Woah! Must have this Phone!” feeling.

Oppo R9 and R9 Plus have been out for quite some time. Huawei P9 and P9 Plus have also been released. I know I do like Oppo but the ghost touch is getting on my nerves and I am not the type to send in for repairs unless it is too serious. I was interested in Samsung Note 7 but the price is too exorbitant. I have no idea why it has to be increasing in prices. Needless to say, I didn’t buy it. The phone can explode due to battery issues.

So, I continue to look for other phones. So happy to see Xiaomi announcing the launch of Mi 5S and 5S Plus. The specs are just what attract me and the only problem is that it is available only in China, again. They will launch in India but never Singapore. So sad. Even if they do, they will launch in another 2 years’ time. By then, new models are out. Again.

At this moment, I am looking at dual SIM support with microSD card to be readable in SIM slot 2. I have this thing for extra memories. I’m not sure when my hunt will end but I doubt it will end. Phones tend to be replaced every 2 to 3 years these days with the designs being short lifespan for the manufacturers’ benefits.

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