Web-based Alternative to Photoshop

Due to circumstances, I have to use an alternative to Photoshop at work. Thankfully, not often or I will go crazy. Pixlr is a great alternative when I don’t need PSD to work on different versions. I haven’t fully utilised it since most of the time I use it for resizing or just cropping images.

I can use the browser to do some light editing to the images that I want as long as I use the correct browser at work. It can be frustrating when I don’t want to mix the browser purposes. An anal obsession at work but I have always done it that way. For personal use at home, I installed Gimp 2 and Paint.Net. So far, these have served the purposes that I required at home. Resize and crop images. Seriously, for someone like me, I don’t really need to buy any Photoshop with such simple needs. It is a waste of money on my part.

Thus, I like to use Pixlr (no choice) at work and Gimp 2 and Paint.Net at home. What I like about Pixlr is that the web based version contains filters to easily change the images look. There are no multiple layers and masks unlike Photoshop to get that filtered look you want on the images.

Pixlr does not just exist on the web, it is also usable on mobile devices. I have yet to use it on my mobile since I have Meitu and rather satisfied with it with its multiple filters. Give Pixlr a try if you don’t want to download any software.

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