Impression of Pokemon Go So Far

And so, Singapore finally launch Pokemon Go and I downloaded it on the day it was launched. I have caught 49 unique Pokemons so far and not counting the common Pidegy, Ratatta and Weedle. Not that it is a bad thing to catch the common Pokemons since they do contribute to the stardust that helps in powering up the final evolution.

I didn’t catch Pikachu as my first Pokemon since I was too anxious to start at home. Finally caught my favourite Pokemon, Squirtle. I was lucky enough to hatch an egg that required walking 2km to hatch another Squirtle at CP 127. I do understand that there are 2km eggs that can hatch into Pidgey with less than 100 CP and it is a huge disappointment.

What I like is that I can walk and catch Pokemon, provided they appear and be captured instead of breaking out and fleeing. I have already lost a wild Evee with CP at 300+. Sad story. This is a more casual version of the original Nintendo games and some people might have expected too much. Although there is this craze for Snorlax. Seriously, it is rare to spawn and even more difficult when catching since I have not seen it yet.

I will still play this game despite the battery draining issue with GPS. My Oppo R7 Plus doesn’t have gyroscope, so, the battery saver option doesn’t work for me. Meanwhile, I try to be aware of my surroundings and it is easier when the place has no Pokestops, and I just walk the distance to hatch the eggs.

Frankly speaking, this game is not a competition and I have no idea why people make it such. Just look at the Gyms! High level Pokemons hogging the master levels because of the massive amount of experience points that they can get.

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