IT Resolutions Are Not Magical

Sometimes, I gotta hand it to the users who know nuts about IT stuff. My current job is to babysit the kids manning the AVA system for the hall and when I didn’t go for once, things crop up. Fancy that. So, the TA tried to resolve it but failed and they managed to use another place to project the image.

The next day, the VP questioned my whereabouts when I was helping the teachers. I was to stop everything since the particular time slot is important and teachers can wait. Huh? Who decided that the IT department have to cater to every teacher’s needs in the first place? Fine. I will drag my pregnant self to the important time slot and babysit those kids.

In addition, in my current mode, I was am to walk around the whole school with the TA to check every hardware during the school holidays to ensure that there are no problems. There is no elevator in the school. Wow. I already have difficulty breathing after climbing up 1 floor and I have to do that in my current mode. What a “great” way to be a manager. Thanks for being “mindful”.

One more thing, I still have to work on Saturday just because they plan a talk. It is in the calendar that I have searched and it is not found in the latest update. From the speech that sprouted from the VP’s mouth, I gotta be there at every function so that when things go wrong, or maybe my presence will not make things go wrong. I didn’t know that I am that magical.

Like I mentioned to my friends, I am definitely allergic to the VP. Not the job.

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