The Journey That Led to a Prepaid Card

I have been considering a separate contact number to be used purely for work purpose since I switched my job scope. The predecessors had the company give them a number for work purpose. However, when I arrived, they wanted to cancel the line. Sigh. Thus, I searched for a number for work and decided to have a prepaid number so that I can just use up the credit and simply let the expiry date end and the number will be recycled at a later time.

I must be a picky person because when I saw the numbers on the low value cards that the seller will just randomly pick, I was put off by the numbers. I prefer my numbers to be with doubles, eg. double 2s, double 3s, that kind of combination. Eventually, I found this set of number that is nice, according to me anyway and spent a lot more than I had initially budgeted for to buy. The consolation part is that the credit that is in the card is just SGD 8 less than what I paid for. Not bad a bargain considering that I have 6 months expiry date from the time I activate the card and 100GB of data for 5 days. Although, Singtel prepaid has better value.

I’m still trying to find out how to port the number from prepaid to prepaid especially in the cost part. Number porting is free from prepaid to postpaid and postpaid to postpaid. I am not sure if it is also free for prepaid to prepaid. If anyone knows about the cost, please let me know.

So, I made a lot of comparisons with the 3 telcos on the prepaid plans and the down side is that the data plan is usually limited by MB. Thus, I won’t be using WhatsApp for this prepaid number. Not that it’s important since I tend to call more for this job. It’s not a huge loss and my postpaid plan already has data plan that can last me for the month.

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