These People Have Been Arrested

This is one of my random spam email. This time, I wanted to showcase this because of the long email written with rather good English. Let’s start with the beginning, shall we? The office is really official sounding.

Next, the rest of the email with elaborate text.

Finally, the list of scammers who have been arrested. I’m to contact them with my bank info to get my refund. Wow. How kind of them to be able to even recover the money.

What I’m not sure of is that since the email claimed that West Africa is sorry about this kind of thing, the scam is always from Nigeria. The Nigeria has been sullied time and time again for such scams and the funny thing is that not many of them are able to connect to the internet.

Interestingly, I’m supposed to reply to an email account based in Philippines. So, is it Nigeria or Philippines that is involved in such monetary scams in this case? Why is someone from the Commission using a Yahoo address anyway? In addition, the bank that is involved in returning the money is called Standard Chattered based in Hong Kong. Wow. This scam is really elaborate in the Asian countries when the scammer is supposedly from Nigeria.

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