Time to Change Mobile Plans

After years of subscribing to mobile plans, it is now time to update my plan to a different plan with more data given. Seriously, I am overpaying for the current plan with so little data. Never mind that I have not exceeded the given 2GB data or maybe I have, and I am blindly paying without checking my bill.

Now, with new plans that are now in place, I am now eligible to change my mobile plan. With phones getting cheaper for certain models, I think I rather pay the lower monthly price than paying so much for the same amount of service. While the comparison for the no contract SIM plans is a good start, it is not that updated since they changed the plans after MyRepublic went forth and declared low price for data plans. Obviously, SGag said the best about this price war.

Now, let’s see if I can get my plan to be changed ASAP.

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