I Love Firefox Portable

In the past, I never used Firefox Portable at work because I was not having any issues with Google Docs loading in IE8. Since I needed to use Google Docs in the new workplace, I had to try out Firefox Portable because well, I had no administrator rights to install anything. So, Firefox Portable to the rescue.

My Google Docs loaded just fine. Thus, I’m using it even though there is Google Chrome installed. I like to separate the usage of browsers when I use the computer. It’s a habit since I have too many Google accounts and I just don’t want to login and out of the accounts to do different things.

Now that I am looking through my accounts, I have a tad too many email accounts but I want one email to be flooded with spam since I use it for joining contests and it is notorious that I have to subscribe to their newsletters even though I am just interested in trying to win the prizes only. So, one email for contests, another for personal usage and yet another for applying for jobs. That last email should look a bit formal even though it is a free email account. It is difficult to convince the potential employers that I am using “goodyplayer@gmail.com” to apply for jobs. I hope no one is using the example that I cooked up for this post. Sorry if it is a real email.

And so, thanks to Firefox Portable, I am now able to view the sites more easily. IE is being pulled out in the next few years anyway. Goodbye IE!

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