I Should Have but I Did Not Earned That

Recently, there is this report on the shortage of IT talents in Singapore. To my amazement, I was grossly underpaid with 10 years of experience.

The crunch has pushed up salaries across the board. A developer with five years’ experience can earn $7,500, while a fresh graduate can earn $3,000 or more. Still, there are not enough local job applicants.

Wow. Just 5 years of experience and I should have been paid $7k but I got only $3k before I left the industry in despair and utter disappointment. Seriously? $7k? What happened to my other $4k? It obviously didn’t go into my CPF funds, that’s for sure. If I had been paid that much, I obviously wouldn’t have left. I won’t even be trying to pay off the debts now. I would have paid them off and cancelled all those credit cards that I no longer use. There won’t even be any shortage of talents by now.

I would also have paid less for the housing loan. Where on earth did they even get the $7.5k amount? Is that a Project Manager pay or an Assistant Director pay? Pray, do tell me.

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