A Budding OFan

I am starting to like Oppo R7 Plus. I was really hesitant before trying another brand other than Samsung. Unfortunately, Samsung has ridiculous pricing for the Galaxy S and Note series. At first, the series was prestigious in some ways. Over the years, it got to the point where I can buy a decent laptop with the same amount of money.

Thus, I did some Googling with Oppo R7 Plus and Xiaomi Note Pro. A lot. Eventually, I decided to get the one that’s available in Singapore. By the time Mi Note Pro is available, my S4 might be just throwing a permanent tantrum. The process for getting Oppo R7 Plus from Starhub was an ordeal, time consuming mostly. I must have chosen the wrong day, Sunday, to renew my contract. Never knew that Sundays for Starhub Nex were so busy and it took me about 3 hours just to get the whole contract thing done. I wanted to sign up for the Homehub Go since the total cost is about there but 2 in 1 Line doesn’t work. One might think that it’s just an app. Right. Sometimes, telcos like to work in mysterious ways so that certain things don’t work.

Now, upon using Oppo R7 Plus for just 3 days now, I am starting to like the options that was never given in Samsung phones before. For a phone to include fingerprint to unlock, this is an affordable version. Considering that I had to use a contract to reduce the cost. The one thing that I miss from Samsung is the sleep mode or Interruptions that Samsung calls it. Oppo includes a Time On and Time Off mode. I’m guessing that I can turn ┬áit off and the phone will turn on at the scheduled time.

Now, I can add finger gestures to do some things but I never got around to it. Yet. While the phone looks humongous to some people, I find that I can hold it easily while I am calling. WhatsApp icons look bigger than in Note 3. Or is it my imagination?

I tried the front camera and it certainly helps when I can look nicer with that sweet look from the modes provided. The dual SIM slot is certainly flexible. I use SIM slot 1 for my SIM card and the SIM slot 2 for a microSD card. That reminds me, I got to upsize it from 32GB to 64GB. I am always looking for larger storage space. Certainly helps when the initial storage in the phone itself is already 10GB full from the provided 32GB. S4 only has 8GB and I’m already left with 800MB of space. I have shifted the photos to memory card but the Android version refuses to store the edited photos in the storage card after version 5 or earlier. I’m using Meitu and Aviary and I can attest to that.

I like how it’s much easier to use 3 fingers to move up and down any screen to take screenshots. Samsung has trouble trying to detect the side of my palm to swipe for a screenshot and I kept swiping away the screen instead of taking a screenshot. I do miss the keyboard layout from Samsung where I don’t have to switch to numerical and symbols just to find the numbers. At least the long press of Oppo keyboard does produce the other characters that I want to type.

Overall, I am becoming an Ofan and let’s see how things go because I switched from Nokia to Motorola to Samsung and finally Oppo over the years. It goes to show that end users just want something that suits them and not the brands.

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