Wireless@SG Expansion

When Wireless@SG was first launched by the IDA initiatives, it was a good idea that was taken up by McDonald’s and it had not looked back since. However, it was not aggressively rolled out to other restaurants and shopping centres except for City Square Mall at Farrer Park MRT.

I really wonder what is the real reason for launching this initiative when it isn’t rolled out at all major shopping malls over the years. Although, they have improved the login issues sine 2010, it seems that it takes years to just do that or is it my imagination? Nope, a quick check has established that Wireless@SG has been launched in 2006. Almost 10 years and Singapore has not reached the maximum connectivity stage unlike Hong Kong and Shanghai where WiFi connection can be found in almost every food place. A main reason for Shanghainese to eat at the place.

What I would like to see in the next 2 years is that all major shopping centres have good Wireless@SG connection, seriously, right now, the connectivity leaves a bad taste in the mouth when attempting to connect. Put up more routers, I mean, routers have lowered their prices, it can’t be right that this launch will become a white elephant when Singapore is supposed to be IT savvy but limited and weak Wireless@SG connections, right?

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