Mi Band Experience

Having used Mi Band for a few months now, I must say that I’m happy with it since I’m only counting the number of steps instead of exercising like running. I’m not a jogger type or cyclist. I like to walk and that’s the most exercise I do. Unfortunately, I’m suffering from the repercussions of the lack of actual exercise that burns calories faster. That paunch needs to go.

So, having been wearing the Mi Band and not wearing it during bath times, the wear and tear on the strap has certainly taken its toll. Thus, the tiny loop that holds the strap in position broke. I had to find another strap until I saw that there’s a necklace case. The necklace itself has to be bought separately but I didn’t buy since I have a necklace that can be used.

Upon using the necklace case, I tested it immediately, I wanted to see if it still counted the steps as I walked and it did. The settings of MiFit app had to be changed from Left hand to Neck. So, it’s pretty easy for the changes to take place. The downside is that I still lack enough deep sleep.

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