Technology I Hope to See in 2065 in Singapore

Singapore has certain progressed far in just 50 years. Yet, at times I feel that something is lacking. What I hope to see in the next 50 years by 2065 is certainly a huge dream for me.

Car Sharing

Car sharing is not a new idea. We have car pools here that seems to be utilised very little. Only for small companies. What I have in mind is that car sharing, those electric car types that I have been seeing and reading in those articles these days where France is using in the busy cities, for private usage. Yes, we have that MRT and buses that run more efficient than any other Asian countries but sometimes, I can’t find a seat when I do need to sit down for that hour long train or bus ride. Not that I mind giving up my seat to someone who needs it like that frail old lady who can’t hold onto the hand rails as steadily as before.

Basically, car sharing is useful when I have this need to visit my parents for that 2 hour long train and bus ride. When that time can be cut short by using a car, I don’t see any reason why we can do a car sharing. Is is because of money reasons that makes some bodies unable to earn from it or cut down the income for those bodies? Maybe because the COEs are driving in the incomes.

This car sharing system should be flexible as in, I don’t have to drive to the place where I borrowed the car and still need a public transport or taxi to get home. The current car sharing system is rather limited in a way where I have to find the nearest location to borrow a car and drive that car with the initial fuel given when I first borrow the car back to the original location.

With all the places installed with charging stations, electric cars can just park at that location and the next person can borrow. Much like how the NLB works after the revamp where I can pass by any NLB and return those books at any location.

Online School Registration

Every year, parents have to take the time off to submit the documents to schools in certain months at the school itself. That includes filling up about 8 pages (some exaggeration here) of detailed information and waiting for the turn to submit the completed documents. Usually, it’s the waiting time that’s taking up about 30 to 40 minutes. The actual process to submit usually takes about 5 to 10 minutes when the documents are all there.

With the technology so advanced these days, it should be possible for parents to submit the documents electronically and have digital signatures done. It should be painless submission for parents of preschool and primary going kids. That’s because it’s painful waiting for the school to let the parents know that their children have been successfully/unsuccessfully admitted into the school.

It would also reduce the need to submit physically and there isn’t any need to apply for leaves.

Work From Home

There are very few options for people to work from home in Singapore. There is always a need to go to the office as our attendance is needed to make sure that we are actually working. Like we are still kids needing to be monitored at school. As if the attendance affects the work output. It mostly affects the bonus at the end of the year.

There is a group of people even if they are the minority at the moment where they need to work from home easily. Without the penalties of the allowance being cut. This group of people need to work from home due to various reasons, such as looking after an ailing family member because they can’t afford to have a professional caregiver, kids with Down Syndrome and it’s not easy to find an understanding caregiver, kids with other medical issues and there simply isn’t enough caregivers to go around or the rates to hire them are too costly, parents with kids but no relatives to look after them and the cost of childcare is going up, and many other reasons.

It’s much easier to work from home when there is Skype, Facetime, and many video calls options available.

Better Quality of Video Calls

Video calls quality should improve by now. There should be less pixels, better voice quality to any country, some form of security for family calls and superb security for those important conference calls. Video calls can also be made from a panel at home without the need to use the mobile phones when we are home. Because not everyone has Facetime even by 2065.

Smart Homes

All homes will have timers or scheduled time to turn on that air con, turn on that TV just as the owners arrive home. The clothes that are dumped into the washing machine should also be done by that time. Or the clothes can be hung by a robot that will pick up the clothes to be dried during the day. Home cleaning time should be reduced since the home has some form of robots who can wash the dishes, hang up the washed clothes to be dried, pick up the dried clothes, keep the clothes waiting to be dried before the rain hits them, floors vacuumed, floors mopped, windows cleaned, and it’s easy to see that I hate cleaning. I find cleaning a waste of time when I can use the time to do other things.

That’s how smart I want my home to be. Doing self-cleaning. Tall order but I believe that when Jetsons were shown in the 1980s and 90s, it wasn’t just a dream of the creator. It made me see that this creator is certainly forward looking.

With the times changing, there are many things that can be done and improved on. I am sure the future can be brighter when the above are addressed correctly. Now, who wants to hire me for giving these ideas a boost and some add-ons?

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