Technology Has Improved

Given time, technology has improved. The episodes of Journey to the West that was broadcasted in 1986 has quite a number of scenes that require CGI effects. Since it was in 1986, I could see all those quaint effects.

As the original uploader has a playlist but it’s in reverse order. So, I found this playlist that’s in the chronological order. Season 2 is a way to make the 1986 series more complete and can be found here.

By comparison, this 2011 version is the closest that’s to the book with slight changes to some trials that occurred in 1986. As for subtitles, the 2011 high quality version has only Mandarin ones. I have no idea about the CC options that is provided in Youtube.

I must admit that this 2011 version has rather scary looking lead characters. They look more real like a pig and monkey. Perhaps, that’s why I found the characters in 1986 more endearing. Among the many dramas that I have watched over the years, Journey to the West is one of my favourites, perhaps because of the my love for martial arts and period era genre.

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