Troubleshooting WordPress Default Filters

Had an issue with my other blog regarding the default filters php. I have no idea how an update can result in that page file to be missing a tonne of things. At first, there was this issue about the plugins and finally, it boiled down to the default filter file missing a lot of information that churned out the codes. I have no idea how it got to that but finally, I have resolved it with a blog that is still working by copying the codes via FTP to the affected blog.

I had tried to copy the codes from this site but it gave out an error on line 18. Funny, it isn’t any different from my blog. So, I am clueless as to why there is an error in that line.

This problem was easier to resolve than the other problem of the site down and nothing worked until an update of WordPress came along. Hosting the WordPress on my own is proving to be challenging and when the blog is grown to a lot of posts, it is troublesome to reinstall and upload those old posts again. There is a never ending issue of securing the site with constant changes to the password and other methods to delay the hacking. Sigh.

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