Resolution to Chrome 3.0 Scroll Issue

I was having a lot of scrolling problems when Chrome got upgraded. Thus, I looked for solutions and found this. However, I had no such options stated and found through some more persistent clicking, I found that the Lenovo mouse has other options. I’ll let the screenshots do the talking.

Go to Control Panel to look for Mouse Properties or the icon on the taskbar if you have.

Lenovo Mouse Properties

I clicked on the Lenovo tab in my case.

Lenovo Mouse Advance Properties

Click on Wheel tab.

Lenovo Mouse Wheel Tab

Click on Exceptions.

Lenovo Mouse Wheel Exceptions

Click on Add.

Lenovo Mouse Wheel Add Program

Type in Google Chrome in the Application Name and click on Browse to look for the Chrome path. Then click on Apply. It should work. I didn’t need to close Chrome to set. I hope this helps.

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