The Odd Practice of Shops with Websites

I have shopped online rather often. My favourite online shop is A.K.A. GMarket. Needless to say, I have bought a number of things like my numerous S4 cases, iPad mini case, Micro USB cables, screen protectors for my devices, baby clothes, backpack, and more. What I notice is that while some shops try their best to engage with customers by using Facebook and websites. They don’t list all their stuff online. They encourage people to go to the place and see.

I suppose from the business point of view, it is to entice customers to be at the brick and mortar shop; that’s the whole point of having a physical shop in the first place. Personally, I like to view everything online. Going all the way to the shop whereby sometimes, the shop isn’t exactly a shop but a warehouse. This warehouse is often located in a place where there are no buses passing through or the bus stop is more than a 30 minutes walk away. That’s why I have no idea why such shops even want customers to go there in the first place. With rising car costs, there is no way I have a car to drive there, pay the parking fees and buy stuff. What if I don’t have anything to buy in the end because when I reached the warehouse, the place has nothing for me to buy?

The point for me to shop online is for the delivery to take place instead of me lugging all my purchases home. Sometimes, I wish to have a car to drive. Right now, I have to make do.

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