Guess the Emoji Review

I like guessing word games. Sometimes. If the game is interesting enough, I keep playing it, just like I’m stuck at Candy Crush Saga, level 300 something. When a friend of mine is playing, I felt that it was fun enough. Yep, fun until it keeps getting stuck at loading around 97% bar progress. For 30 minutes. Actually, I have no idea how long it takes or it is stuck because I navigate away from it within 30 seconds of non-game show.

Seriously speaking, I have no idea why it has this stuck progress every time I try to load via the web browser. The home fibre broadband is supposedly 150mbps but it seems that we have been over-paying our service provided for speed a lot less than that. This is another story.

Now, for Guess the Emoji game, I wanted to play and played I did till it stopped loading at 97%. It is frustrating when I refreshed the page, still nothing. I’m just at level 11 or something and it decided that it doesn’t want to load. It is fun to play but when the poor loading or lack of it is in Facebook via the browser, the fun is no longer there. So, I decided to try the mobile version. The horrors. It has absolutely no synchronising link to Facebook progress. Then why the heck do I have the mobile version of it when I can’t even sync my progress? I don’t want to repeat all the levels. Again.

Tedious and takes the fun out of this game. It has potential but it needs improvement. major improvements such as the loading time and the synchronisation part. In addition, the game has way too many ads. Facebook has more than enough ads to irritate me and the game has to have its own ads loading. I bet that is part of the reason why it has loading issues.

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