Qoo10 Purchases

When I first started an account with GMarket, it was called that at the time, I wanted to buy a green laser pointer. It took me years to buy one pointer because I didn’t want my purchase to end up at the customs and I have to pay for extra license and other things. Ironically, my initial purchases were other stuff like mobile casings and micro USB cables.

Subsequently, GMarket changed its name to Qoo10, I have no idea why. I continued my online spree with it whenever I saw any item that I needed on Time Sale or Group Buy. My longest consideration is that drying clothes rack that has been on Time Sale every now and then. The reason why I haven’t bought it is because I have no idea where to place it once I dry my clothes there.

A 4-Room flat isn’t that easy to have some space for drying umbrellas and clothes despite that tiny service yard. I still find my home small; although I’m lucky to have 90sqm of internal space. My air-con ledge keeps collecting clothes pegs and rags. It’s starting to get mouldy because of the rain.

I have been thinking about a robot vacuum since I have absolutely no energy after work and too busy on weekends to clean the floor. Qoo10 sellers love to sell those robotic vacuum cleaners and I have been tempted to get one and use. At least my floor will be 80% clean and less dusty.

It is fun buying from Qoo10 as long as my stuff arrive. Some delays are to be expected especially when it is now near Christmas and New Year. Best to use registered mail or courier because stuff do get lost in the mail for some reason that escape me.

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