Free Touch Typing Application Search

The beginning of a new job comes with new scopes to cover. It’s librating that I’m allowed to recommend the touch typing software that I’m comfortable with. This is a privilege that I’m grateful for since I’ve never been given any choices before. In addition, I’m allowed to use whatever templates that I deem fit to present to the class. I have always been rather proud of my PowerPoint skills. Okay, I should be more humble.

So far, I’ve found a few free online touch typing sites that I feel might interest the kids. Good Typing has 27 free online lessons and with a free account, I get to keep track of the lessons I’ve completed with less than 3 percent errors. After repeating the lessons, I believe the younger kids may find it boring. Sorry, typing fast and accurate means practice, practice.

Then I came across a blog post on the best apps. I tried out Type Racer. It’s true that it’s addictive. Eventually I created a free account to keep track of my type races.

I’ve also created a free account with Typing Web. Excellent for the kids as there are typing games for them to try out. Certificates are to be paid for.

One thing I’m rather concerned is that the 6 – 7 year olds may not know about email accounts or even have email accounts. I prefer online ones as they can use at home without installing any software. Let’s see what can be done.

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