Free PDF Converters

PDF files are good to use when writing eBooks and other files that you don’t want your information to be distorted so easily. I have heard of PDF converters and one of the paid versions that has been very popular is of course, Adobe PDF. It has so many options from encrypting the files to restrict printing to adding watermarks that it is one expensive product that I haven’t been able to afford till now.

While its versioning may be low, each version is still powerful enough to convert your files into PDF files if your sole purpose is purely that. Since its birth, it has spawned off free versions by other companies. Here are some that I do like to know if they serve their purposes well too.

  • PDF 995: A whole suite that has enough features to fight with Adobe PDF.
  • primoPDF: Pales in features if I were to compare it to PDF 995.
  • CutePDF: Forget the cute part, it seems to be able to do its job well.
  • doPDF: Seems to support quite a lot of file formats for the conversion.
  • Create Adobe PDF Online: I hate signing up just to use the features, it’s already free online, why do I need to sign up? (I have way too many accounts, did I mention that before?)
  • Express PDF: It seems to be able to convert the most common documents, not that it’s much either.
  • PDF4Free: Not bad for a free version if I am looking at basic functions.

There isn’t much comparions about free PDF converters, I could only find one by Gizmo regarding a few free PDF converters. If anyone is using any free PDF converters, do let me know what your favourite converters are and why. Thanks.

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